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The file formats we accept :

Your file - Mon-Totebag - Custom tote bag

Our digital printing technique allows us to print all types of files: photo, logo, text, drawing ... and all without any color limit and no technical fees !

From a technical point of view, we advise you to create your files : CMYK Color / 300 DPI resolution / Vectorized fonts.

Each file is checked by our team before printing. If we have any doubts about the quality or the rendering, we will contact you.

For orders of more than 20 pieces, a picture of the first printed product will be sent to you to validate before starting production.

The print quality depends on the quality of your file.


Printing on light textile

To the touch, there is no over-thickness or plastic appearance, what you can have on a flocking, or a silkscreen. The only constraint is a slightly less brilliant color rendering than other techniques. We therefore advise you to increase your contrasts to compensate for this constraint.

This technique can be used on a colored bag with a print in black or darker than the color of the bag.

When printing on a light textile, no white will be printed.

Your file - Vectorized typography - Mon-Totebag
Vectorized typography

Your file - White background - Mon-Totebag
File with white background

Your file - Final render - Mon-Totebag
Final render

Your file - Unprinted white background - Mon-Totebag
Unprinted white background


Printing on dark or color textile

On dark or color textile, we have to put a pre-treatment. Then we print one or two white's layers and then, a color's layer. The colors will be brighter than on a clear print but the price will be higher...

For printing on dark or color textile, please provide 300 dpi PNG file with a transparent background.

Your filer - Transparent background - Mon-Totebag
Transparent background, file to export in PNG 300 dpi