How to choose if my visual requires an undercoat or not ? 

Do not worry, just ask yourself the right questions :

Question 1: Is there any white in my visual ?

Yes, choose the undercoat printing  -  No, ask yourself the second question

Question 2 : Are the colors of my visual darker than the color of my product ?

Yes, you can choose printing without undercoat  - No, choose the undercoat printing

On colored textiles, the inkjet opacity doesn't cover the textile color if there isn't white undercoat under the visual.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Undercoat Visual - Mon-Totebag

Why do I choose between undercoat printing and no undercoat printing ?

Because our printing technique offers two types of printings :
- an impression without white undercoat : a direct printing on the product. The ink goes directly into the product, so there will be no extra thickness to the touch.
- an impression with white undercoat under the color, for a more sparkling rendering with a small extra thickness to the touch.

Considering the difference between these two types of printing and to satisfy you a maximum, we have chosen to give you the choice.

Why I don't have the choice of undercoat on some product colors ?

On light products (natural and white), we print inevitably without white undercoat. Be careful, no white will be printed, it will be the product color instead.

On dark products (black, navy, chocolate), we print necessarily with a white undercoat so that the colors of your visual stand out. 

Why are the rates higher with an undercoat ?

Printing without undercoat only requires 2 steps : Printing / Drying

While undercoat printing requires 5 steps : Pre-treatment of the surface / Drying / Printing of a white undercoat / Color printing / Drying.

You now understand the difference in price between the two options.