Help - Undercoat

Does my visual require an undercoat or not for printing?

Follow the guide by answering the questions below to find out if your visual needs an undercoat or not.


1. Is there white in my visual?

Yes, there is white in my visual.

No, there is no white in my visual

2. Are the colors of my visual darker than the color of the product ?

Yes, the colors of my visual are darker than the product

No, the colors of my visual are lighter than the product






Unsure about the undercoat ? Contact our team , we will answer you quickly and give you the best advice.


Because our printing technique offers two types of printings :

- a print without white undercoat under the color : a direct printing on the product. The ink goes directly into the product, so there will be no extra thickness to the touch.

- a print with white undercoat sunder the color, for a more sparkling rendering with a small extra thickness to the touch.

Considering the difference between these two types of printing and to satisfy you a maximum, we have chosen to give you the choice.

On light products (natural and white), we print inevitably without white undercoat. 
Be careful, no white will be printed, it will be the color of the product instead.

On products in very dark colors (black, navy, chocolate), we necessarily print with a white undercoat so that the colors of your visual stand out.

Absolutely not. In order for the colors of the prints to stand out on dark products, we program our printers so that they print a first layer of white under the print. This undercoat is used to bring out the colors of your visual on dark but it's not visible at all once the color layer is printed on top. Don't worry about that.

Quite simply because printing on a dark-colored product takes much longer than on a light-colored product.

- Printing on a clear product requires only 2 steps : Printing / Drying.

- Printing on a dark product requires 5 steps : Pre-treatment / Drying / Printing of a white undercoat / Color Printing / Drying.

You now understand the price difference between the two ! And please note that we don't print white on natural colored products. It will be the natural color of the product instead.